Compact Tower CT 1530


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Laser Cell


The newest product from SPR Italy is a highly sophisticated automation system that combines many innovative solutions that are subject to SPR patents. The system is capable of unmanned operation and provides storage, loading and unloading within the smallest footprint possible.

The tower is built above the shuttle table and the loading and unloading is done with the elevator that can be installed on either side of the tower. Simple operation and state of the art PLC contribute to a friendly integration and provide real productivity gain. The system is so compact that it became the top selling automation product, with many hundred of them sold world wide in just few years since it was launched.

Compact Tower CT 1530 is capable to store a maximum of 54 ton of raw sheets dim. 1500x3000mm stacked in18 locations, with 80mm each stack, and to load raw sheets onto the machine table and unload processed sheets thereafter. For this example we will use a 18 pallet tower such as we already installed in Melbourne this year.

The scope of the work includes the software implementation, the tests of the units at SPR factory, shipment, documentation and supervision during installation, start-up and commissioning

Concrete foundation to the engineering specifications, civil works, mains electrical supply, permits and the base plates must be supplied by Customer.

Major components

The Compact Tower is composed with following main units:

–  tower to store the stack of sheet

–  elevator to move the pallet on which the stack of sheet is laid

–  table with fixed pins where the operator load the stack of sheet

–  gripper with suction cups

–  light barriers

–  electric cabinet with control panel

–  set of safety fences

General features:

Sheet format   max. 3.100×1.570mm

Max weight                 3.000Kg per stack

Max height stack                    90mm

Storage System Type                                        CT 1530

Storage  capacity                    18 pallets 3.000Kg

Height                          6.500mm

Pitch between pallets  195mm-200mm

 Electrical automation

PLC                                         Siemens

Operator panel                        Siemens

Motors                                     Siemens Brushless

Axis drive board                      Siemens Digital Servo


The tower is split in 18 locations and each location contains the pallet on which the stack of raw sheet can be laid. The pallets are moved by an elevator that runs along the frontal legs of the tower; the elevator is equipped with a transfer device that push-in and pull-out the pallets into the locations.  Once the pallet is on board of the elevator the pallet can reach any locations of the tower. The gripper takes one sheet at the time from the stack and loads it on the table of the machine.

The processed sheet is picked up by unloading mechanism using a “comb” inserted between the slats of the table.For “manual” loading or unloading a clearance of 900mm above the table was considered, allowing 1800 mm overall height for easy operator access.

The operator puts the stack of sheet into the tower laying the stack on the loading table; it is  located under the elevator and when the elevator is in the lower position it is “sunk” into the pins of the table. The pins permit to get easy the loading (and unloading if necessary) operation carried by the operator with either a fork-lift or an overhead-crane.


1)    Standard Compact Tower programs for Standard operation

2)    The CT can operate in semi-automatic mode; that means that the motion of the loader and unloader will interrupt the cycle of the table until the loading of a new sheet is complete.