Automatic Sorting Systems

Astes4SortAstes4Sort: The Most  Advanced Laser Automation

Manufacture in unmanned mode
A4SORT is applicable to all cutting processes where controlled, ruled and traceable production is required. A4SORT is the combination of most advanced handling and picking technologies, managed by powerful software able to grant maximum flexibility, productivity and repeatability integrated with ERP systems.
The system is equipped with all functional and safety checks to ensure continuity of work during unmanned shifts.A4SORT cancels out human error in the management of cut material, registers information and manages alarm situations resulting from any inaccurate cuts caused and not handled by the cutting machine, so avoiding waste of material and resources.A4SORT automatically removes from the cutting deck any waste parts that stay “welded” to the ends of the grilles.

Layout and system engineering
A4SORT can be docked to new and/or already existing cutting systems. Due to its modularity, A4SORT can be easily installed in already-operative production sites. A4SORT effortlessly interfaces to automatic warehouses where sheet metal plates and cut parts pallets can be positioned. All this according to the “Intelligent FMS’ (Flexible manufacturing Systems)” logic.
The modularity of ASTES4SORT can be exploited to design a system that can be implemented with automatic warehouses in subsequent steps, with the advantage of allowing controlled investment steps