Astes4sort- Answering your production needs

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A4SORT can be interfaced and integrated with all makes of cutting machines and warehouses, newly installed or existing.COMPATIBILITYA4SORT captures files in the standard formats (e.g. ISO, DXF, DWG etc.) generated by CAD-CAM systems.
A4SORT does not require the use of a programmer and is run by user-friendly software.

  1. It is possible to combine the most diverse types and quantities of items, materials, customer orders, kits etc. in a single job list
  2. The CAD-CAM optimizes nesting independently, improving its performance in making the best use of the materials to be cut
  3. Systems allows a precise goods delivery planning
  4. A4SORT undertakes the organized storage of each work piece and the residual waste, complying with the subdivision logic established in the job listP

A4SORT optimizes manufacturing efficiency:

  • Maximum productivity in the manufacturing process by eliminating cutting machine waiting times
  • Elimination of labor costs normally allocated to the handling of manufacturing of cut parts and waste
  • Elimination of sorting mistakes, excluding the possibility of merging of parts belonging to different customers or subsequent working activities
  • Intelligent order and materials management, consistently reducing scrap quantities and obtaining maximum cutting machine performance
  • Less maneuvering space for service vehicles S

A4SORT manages scrap. The cut items are completely separated from the waste (cut without micro-joints) and the whole scrap frame is unloaded with comb forks or, adequately split up, unloaded into a crate in pieces. Materials intended for recycling can be separated by type automatically.

A4SORT is the only system that can also use magnetic tools in addition to the traditional suction cups. The different magnets used by A4SORT can lift up very thick metal sheets (over 50 mm thick), with a great number of holes, complex shapes and long narrow strips etc…

Lower energy consumption:

  • Kinetic energy recovery
  • Low compressed air consumption due to more tailored usage
  • The speed of the loading and unloading cycle can automatically adapt to the speed of the cutting process, minimizing energy consumption

A4SORT is capable of unmanned operation. This means that the cutting program can be regulated over 3 work shifts, with a clear financial benefit from increased manufacturing capacity and the consequent gain in competitiveness.

A4SORT ensures on-time delivery to the customer due to reliable manufacturing timescales, which are not affected by the work force human factor.