Laser Technology



Specialising in Laser Cutting , Laser Marking and Laser Cladding, we offer a large number of laser systems, laser sources and ancillary equipment for various laser applications.

Laser Sources -New and used, brands include: Rofin, Fanuc, PRC, NEL, etc, with powers up to 8KW. We supply and install, integrate and retrofit high power laser sources. After sale service and support is available. Also available high-power Rofin Diode Lasers and Maxphotonics High-power Fiber Lasers.

Laser Systems-New and used laser cutting systems, Han’s Laser, Adige-Sala Laser Tube Cutting systems, new Fiber Marking laser systems. Robot Systems for Laser cutting, welding and cladding.

Custom-made solution for marking applications, Class I Laser Safety enclosures, rotary marking, 3D marking.