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    Han’s Laser Fiber Laser and Laser Automation

The Manufacturing Industry has been on the retreat in recent years and a return to growth is imminent.With the value of the Australian Dollar climbing against the world’s larger economies, new equipment purchase opportunities have emerged, but increased productivity remains the only chance for Australian manufacturing to stay competitive globally. The key to increased productivity is the Fiber Laser and the Laser Automation-the automation of the laser manufacturing process.

 Stimatic is your partner in laser processing technology and laser automation, fusing together exciting new products with a lifetime of experience and unparalleled expertise in this field.  Han’s Laser is the largest fiber laser manufacturer in the world with more than 3500 installations  completed since 2007.

Our innovative solutions wholly embody the essential aspects of sheet metal processing technology, bringing increased productivity, reducing costs and promoting the highest standard in safety.Now is the best time to invest in Fiber Laser technology and Laser Automation-  the automation of your laser processing. 

Up to 60% less electricity costs, Zero costs for laser gases, no mirrors to change or align, up to 100% higher processing speed than gas lasers and if coupled with lights off operation, slashed labour costs, maximised factory space, improved flexibility and productivity gains of up to 80% are all fundamental reasons to consider fiber laser and sheet metal automation products.

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