Q- What size and model Prima Laser Systems can benefit from Stimatic automation solutions?

A- Standard products are readily available and include Miniserver, Tower Server, Laser Server, Tower Store and Compact Tower

These products are able to be integrated with minimum cost to Prima Platino series and they are available in 1530 and 2040 formats.

The 1530 can also load (and unload*) 1200X2400mm sheets.

The 2040 can also load (and unload*) 1500X3000mm sheets as well as 1200X2400mm.

(*)-unloading possible for Tower Store only with Laser Server

Q- I have a 2007 Bystronic Byspeed . Can I have integrated a Compact Tower with semiautomatic operation only? I don’t want to run the machine completely unmanned.

A- Yes. Even though the full automatic mode can be more productive, in most cases operators are still used, especially where the production must be very flexible and there are not many “long runs”. In these cases, the benefits of installing a Compact tower are even greater, as the operator can enhance the automation by taking active role and chose the various functions in a specific way, suited for that moment, thus by-passing routines and cycles designed to compensate for the unmanned situation. If the full auto mode is not required, this variant is also cheaper.

Q- How does the Compact tower “know” what sheet is in stock?

A- On all SPR products, the stock is as accurate as you can be. Any sheet loaded must be registered by the operator before it gets loaded. To avoid human error, before the sheet is loaded onto the machine, it can be checked for thickness. There is also an option to weigh the sheets when loaded.

Q- Can I replace all my pallet racking with Tower Stores?

A- Yes. Not only you can, but you should do so. Not only that you will save enormous storage space by storing sheet metal only and no timber pallets, but also it is so much safer to load and unload, plus you get a stock take at a touch of a button, or even on line where it can be linked to your supplier so you will never run out of material.

Q- I would like to purchase a complete new system including a 4KW laser cutting machine with a Compact Tower. What budget should I prepare for?

A- We can supply both Laser systems and automation.

A complete solution with new laser system and 25 pallet automation tower, covered by 12 month warranty with full installation and training is available from AUD $700000+GST* .

*Valid at the time of publishing -Conditions apply.