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user friendly and packed with the latest features,

  • more brands, more models, more  languages than any other competitor
  • suitable for the novice al the way to the most experienced specialist user,
  • great value for money

Metalix Drafting and Processing Software

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 METALIX- Do it once -Do it right!

Metalix specializes in the development of advanced CAD/CAM solutions for the Sheet Metal Industry.
Since 1989, cncKad, the company’s comprehensive software package for CNC Punch and Cutting machines, has been used to manufacture high quality products throughout the world, with thousands of users
all over the world.
The company activities include Development, Marketing, Sales, Installation, Training and Technical Support

In line with our customer requirements we offer a complete solution for drafting, laser and punch post processing and nesting, combined with advanced features for bending and even laser tube cutting. METALIX has become the easy choice for many laser cutting users due to unique features as well the standard expected features from any major brand. The software is available for a huge number of machine brands and models and it can be used in more languages than anybody would hope for. It is so intuitive and simple to learn that usually it takes only a couple of hours to be able to use it with confidence and a week to teach the “teacher” a thing or two.


METALIX Software is simple to use but it is in fact very complex. This software gives the user the choice of how few or how many functions they can use at any given time. Menus and toolbars are logically structured and easy to use. From simple drafting to laser path simulation, laser processing with intricate programmable steps and parameters to cost estimation, advanced true shape nesting and link to 3D CAD, single seat or entire network capability, fast and reliable but very cost conscious, METALIX will always deliver beyond expectations.

The software is offered in a modular structure enabling users to add extra units and create the ideal drafting and post processing tool for any modern manufacturing environment. Flexibility in user arrangements is another major asset, with a number of solutions from single seat to a network, catering for any requirement.

We offer very competitive rates,  i.e: a single seat of METALIX basic modules including essentials and training for under  AUD$ 5000+GST but we can quote any options and beat any written quote by a minimum  of 5% . Call us for a chat or e-mail Raz for a formal quote.