About Us


 The facts:

Hi! I am Raz Radu an experienced Machine Tool Engineer (BA) with past and current  leading roles in the sheetmetal  industry in Australia and abroad. ANCA , JMA, Laser Resources and Amada, and now Han’s Laser  (China) , SPR (Italy) and Astes4 (Switzerland) are featured proudly on my CV.

We started our business as a laser servicing company in 2003 as RIN Laser Services, continued as Lasmax till 2013  and going now to the next phase as Stimatic, emphasising the ever-changing needs of our customers. As the Laser Industry becomes more and more competitive, the need for productivity gains became more acute, thus our new focus on fiber laser and automation.

Our academic and specialist training combined with 20 years experience in the sheetmetal processing technology give us the ability to offer optimal solutions  to our customers from the novice sole operator buying the first laser system  up to the major manufacturing companies with multiple layers of application for our products.

We strive to bring to Australian customers the best value for money laser systems and laser automation, and we often travel the world to find the right product for the right application.

Our promise to you: we will never let you down!