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the GFC had a major effect on some of the most powerful economies, changing in many aspects the way business is conducted in key industries, including Manufacturing and implicit the Sheet Metal Industry. Long gone are the days when any job was as good as sold and all you had to worry was to make it!  A major correction made redundant old technology, many too slow to keep up with the times and the increased productivity of the new processing systems have suffered significant losses and they may never recover. A large number of laser systems have become available in these countries as a direct result of the economic strive of some manufactures but also due to imperative need for renewal and investment in new technologies and automation. This surplus represents a great source of quality stock and in many cases can be a good value for money alternative to cheap imports of not-quite-right-yet laser systems.

We offer a number of makes and models of laser systems from known sources, with service history and substantial life expectation. We can supply, install and provide training and after sales support for any of the laser systems advertised on this site.